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In the summer of 2020 in the timely window between the lockdown and the usual English weather we got approached by Love Walk Cafe to create mural works for the newly open second area inside the shop. Named after a small street/alleyway just by the side of the shop, Love Walk surely got our attention and we soon got involved. We created a few mural illustrations in a more "Matisse" like aesthetic. The choice of thin lines and black and white only helped give the place a more subtle and refined feel. This more neutral gamma for the artwork would give space to the very colourful and vibrant personality of the place and it's customers.


We purposefully used black and white gloss paint for the figures against a matte, almond white background. 

This approach helped create a more interactive feel with the artwork. The illustrations on the wall would change colour as you move through the space, reflecting the indoor and street lights, and the moving traffic.


To attract attention from afar we decided to use full scale window art. During Covid19 many businesses have been affected severely and a recovery from the lockdown was much needed. This artwork's mission was to attract as many eyeballs as possible and hopefully spark some curiosity and need for a caffeine kick..

Window art-small grey to use 2.png
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